Bandana Imagery

One of our most common requests is if we can cut patches out of bandana - from a set of arm bones, to your initials, or one of your favorite images or symbols, we can pretty much do it all! Unless otherwise requested or specified, all of our bandana patches are cut from vintage, 100% cotton, USA-made fabrics.

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Quilted Gusset

A Kokiko hallmark, and homegrown concept, quilted patchwork gussets are probably our favorite type of project to work on. We take 2 to 4 vintage bandanas, cut them into small rectangles, and piece them together into strips through a painstaking process, ensuring an even distribution of color and precise geometry. When the strip is complete, the garment is deconstructed, the strip is inserted, and then the garment is professionally reconstructed back to its original shape, fit, and size.

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Sharpie Drawn Patches

Another method at our disposal in bringing customer’s visions (or favorite images) to life is with Sharpie! Most black and white images can be made into a custom, one of one, Sharpie-on-canvas patch. These patches can be sewn onto garments directly, or they make a great addition to a bandana back panel!

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How long will my custom order take?

Every project is unique, and the timetable for completion varies depending on a multitude of factors (if you supply the garment or we source it, whether it's a cut&sew project or customizing a pre-existing garment, etc). That said, we generally complete every project and have it ready for shipment within two weeks.

Can I send you a garment to be customized?

We are always happy to accept a personal garment of yours to work on. Please fill out the order inquiry form to get in touch with us and ship your garment to our Brooklyn workshop. Of course, we can also source garments to customize for you; let us know what you have in mind (i.e. "I want a navy Nike hoodie") and your size, and we'll get searching!

What color bandanas are available?

We have a large variety of colors to choose from; in the event that we don't have the color you are looking for, we can specifically source the exact bandana you would like, or recommend a suitable / similar replacement color.